DB1 Differential Pressure Battery Charger




The DB1 provides the most environmentally friendly solution for powering your SCADA, Flow Computers, on-site monitoring and detection systems, volume correctors, odorization systems and other critical electrical devices. Because the DB1 is available for charging 24/7, the size of the battery bank is often reduced. In addition, routine battery maintenance costs are also reduced because unlike solar systems which see constant deep discharging of the battery, the DB1 keeps the batteries at peak charge, resulting in longer battery life.

10, 20 or 50 Watts Available 24/7


12 or 24 Volts - Field Selectable


Consumes No Gas


Emission Free


Maintenance Free


Class I, Division 1, Group D Certified


Operates in Parallel with the Station Regulators


Only 30 - 65 SCFM Bypass Flow when Charging


Compact Design Eliminates Theft and Vandalism


Microprocessor Controlled Mini-Turbine Technology Provides Long Term Reliability


Read DB1 Literature.


Read DB1 I.O.M. Manual.

        Read DB1 Power Requirements Excel Worksheet.

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